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Week 45: Theme - Winter Animals

It never hurts to go over the basics and so the preschoolers spent some time on their number skills. First using their writing skills to write down the numbers 1 to 10.
Then using their counting skills to put the right amount of legos by the right numbers. I might seem a simple exercise, but repetition of this simple exercises just re-enforces their knowledge.
Thinking in more than two dimensions is more of challenge. Here they were given a three dimensional object which they have to replicated. Not only finding the correct sizes, but colours too.
 As you can see they took on this task with enthusiasm and accomplished it with flying colours.
The green and orange group had some on their letters. E was the letter of the week. How to write it? What does it sound like? What words do we know that start with it?
Also some extra time was spent on our numbers. Practicing number 1 and then searching the picture for it. When they find it they have to colour it in.
The five year olds have been adding …

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