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Week 36 - Theme: Shapes and Colours

The start of September and the start of our new theme, Shapes and Colours. 

This exciting theme can be adapted to help the children learn in many different ways. We can also use many different mediums to encourage and activate the children into learning.
The preschoolers spent time using Lego as a new way to write their names. Not always so easy to make those curved letters out of little straight blocks. This is also an excellent way to refresh the process of spelling and letter recognition.

We also experimented with creating an image of ourselves. Members of the Green and Orange group got to practice their scissors and gluing skills with this activity.They had to cut out, place and glue the correct pieces to make an image of themselves. All finished off by using pencils and crayons to embellish the final picture with all the colours they needed. 

The preschoolers had free rein to use coloured blocks to make their own image. Fun was had creating themselves and their imaginations were ther…

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