Week 46: Theme - Winter Animals

 The first exercise here is listening to information and understanding all the parts of it. So they were told a description of the picture there needed to find and also what was needed to be done. 
 How does a story go together? What events happen and in what order do they go in?. This was the second exercise for the children to work out. They were given 6 pictures and had to rearrange them in the correct order. Lets just hope the bear got rescued from the tree in their version.
 Once upon a time there was a fox and a bear. The fox had some fish and the bear asked how he caught the fish. The fox tricked the bear by saying he used his tail to catch the fish. The went to the lake and fished with his tail, but it was winter and as he waited for the fish to bite his tail got frozen in the ice. Crafty fox went to the village and told them a bear was by the lake. The villagers ran to the lake to scare the bear away. Unfortunately for the bear as he ran away his tail came off in the ice and this is why bears have a short tail.
 Using inspiration from the story the orange group had to design and build a home for the fox and the bear. The bears home is the top picture and the fox's the one below.

 Throughout the week everyone got chance to visit Turku's biological museum. Here they got the chance to see all kinds of wildlife that make Finland their home.

 Ranging from life in our own backyards during the differing months to the sea side of the archipelago to the forest life to be found all around the country. The bear is always a favourite of the children during these visits, but I don't know how happy they would meet a real one!


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