Snack Time!

Snack Time! An Everyday Celebration. by: Keisha Berry-Lappalainen. 

Hello, I'm Keisha, mother to a third year student of Wendy House. My child loves her daily interactions with her wonderful friends and teachers. I marvel at the way she has developed verbally, socially and artistically. Each day at Wendy is a celebration; and I like to think that
I add an extra element of fun with her daily snack, a bento.

What is a bento?
Bento is a single serving meal artistically packed to provide not only nutrition but delight or even humor to whoever is  lucky enough to be prepared one. Originating in ancient Japanese culture, the art of bento is still hugely popular today.

What is the benefit of making bento?
Bentos are fun! I enjoy the creativity of making a lovely bento.  With the creativity of a lovingly made bento, children (and adults) are brought a smile and maybe a willingness to try something they normally would not have. My children both have a wonderfully open pallet for different foods. I believe it's due to  their exposure to many different healthy foods, presented in a fun way. Portions are very small. This is another benefit of bento. You can have many different things, but in a small amount. Small portions don't overwhelm your child.

Bento stirs interest and discussion. I love seeing the excitement in my little one's eyes. As soon as I present her with lunch or snack we talk about it. I love to coordinate with the monthly themes from the Wendy House newsletter, it's like an edible lesson reinforcement!

Are bentos hard to make? Can I get bento supplies here in Finland?
Bentos are as simple, or (complicated) as your time and imagination allows. I'm including a bento tutorial for the hugely popular "Angry Birds" game. All the supplies and food to make this bento was bought at  S-Market. If you like, try and make your own Angry Bird bento today!

Angry Bird Bento Tutorial

1.     To make the yellow Angry Bird, you will need a baked and cooled Karelian cocktail pasty, yellow cheese, white cheese, sushi wrap and a carrot slice.
2.     Cut your pie in half and slice yellow cheese around the outer outline of the pie. Place the triangular shape over the top of your pie.
3.     Cut a tear drop shape from your carrot. This will make your bird's beak.
4.     Cut tear shape in half.
5.     With a fat drinking straw cut two circles for eyes.
6.     From a small square of sushi wrap, cut pupils for the eyes and three strips for tail. The yellow angry bird is now done! Set aside.
7.     You will use all of the same ingredients for the red angry bird, adding a red babybel snack cheese for the body of the bird.
8.     With scissors cut a oval shape from the waxy cover of the bottom of the babybel cheese. (Be careful not to cut into the actual cheese.)
9.     Make another set of eyes and add to your cut babybel cheese.
10.   Cut a beak shape from your scraps of yellow cheese. (The sticky texture of the cheese will easily adhere to the outside of thebabybel cheese.)
11.   In a small container, (I used a recycled berry container), add your two birds, and any other bits of food like meat balls, sausages, crackers, and fresh fruit.
12.   You have completed your Angry Birds bento! Now present to be enjoyed and eaten!

If you would like to have more bento snack or meal ideas see my bento blog 


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