Week 37 - Theme: Shapes and Colours

Week 37 Colours and Shapes
Our theme continues with a wide range of activities and tasks for the children to enjoy and partake in.
Some normal classroom tasks have been done. Learning about colours in varying ways. Where colours are in nature, in the rainbow and in our everyday life. Also it's still important to work on everyday day skills such as letter and word recognition.

The Green group have started a project which will continue into the following weeks. They have started by making shape magnifying glasses. They choose the shape they wanted and created it using card and scissors.

They then searched the school to find shapes wherever they could. Squares, circles and triangles are about a lot more than they realised. On week 38 they will use these on the architectural walk around Turku. 

Autumn is here,
Autumn is here,
It's getting colder,
Autumn is here.

Leaves fall down, 
All over town,
Yellow and brown, 
The leaves fall down.

Here comes the rain, 
To wet us again,
Pita pat, pita pat,
Here comes the rain.

Birds fly away,
Goodbye they say, 
Over the treetops,
The birds fly away.

It's a classic Wendy House song which we started to learn this week surrounded by the autumnal artwork the children have created as inspiration. 

Jonathan has been using lightboxes to teach what happens when colours get mixed. This is such a wonderful hands on experiment the children love to do. It's a highly imaginative way to explain about the mixing of colours and also different shades of colours.

Playtime is such an important part of the children's Wendy House life. With rooms of toys and games there really isn't much chance of getting bored. It's also an important time to play with children of other ages and put all that imagination and fun into their play. 

The preschoolers have been enjoying expanding their world of words. They've really developed a taste for learning and board games is an excellent way to learn through play.

The younger children had such fun with this playtime using the parachute. Running around, jumping up and down, making a breeze and most fun of all hiding underneath as it falls on top of you.

Friday was crazy golf day. A fun and challenging course was set up upstairs. The course was based around the colours of the rainbow, one of our favourite things to teach from.

An enjoyable morning was had by the children knocking balls all over the place. Whether they were under or over par, smiles and laughter was the main thing seen this Friday morning


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