Week 38 - Theme: Shapes and Colours

Week 38, Preschoolers were set a task of creating pairs of items. Using various items around the classroom they had to find or create as many pairs as they could.

Cards, pencils and toys were used in whatever way they could be. A good and challenging exercise for the preschoolers.

S was the letter of the week. Buttons were one way of learning how to correctly form our S, also a good use of small motor skills. Preschoolers also had some S exercises in their homework.

The preschoolers also have been using the letters they have been studying to create images based on stories they've been told. A was turned into a house with various occupants and S was made to become a snake which had many different markings.

How to use nature as an art material was the activity taken on by the Green and Orange groups. Leaves, twigs, fir cones, seeds and branches were all available to let their 
                                                                      imaginations take root and create.

Shapes were very much in use with a couple of fun games we played this week. A super tough multi shaped jigsaw puzzle kept them busy. Also they had to work in small teams to complete this task which was sometimes just as hard as the puzzle itself.

This balancing game was another quite tricky challenge. How much could they place on the dolphin was the objective. As they found it was not as easy as they first thought. Where to put the bigger, heavier pieces and what way round as well. Fun was had with these simple and enjoyable games 

Following patterns was another exercise for the preschoolers. Could they follow the picture shown and create an exact replica? 

Shape hunting was the name of the game on Friday. The children used their shape magnifying glasses to search inside and out of Wendy House to find their chosen shape. They had the chance to have a good run around in the process and found the shapes in some most interesting places. 


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