Week 39 - Theme: Shapes and Colours

Week 39. We're nearing the end of our Shapes and Colours theme and prepare to move into October with our new theme of 'The Sea and Water'. So a nice way to move over was for the children to paint their rainbow fish. 

The Pink group had lots of fun painting up their fish. First choosing the base coat and then fingerpainting lots of colourful dots to add that rainbow effect. The older children have gone a little bit further and you'll see their fantastic works of art in the hallway next month.

Thursday was a special day not only for the children, but for the many parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles who came to join us for the morning. It was a wonderful opportunity for them to enjoy a normal morning with the children.

The children were very excited to show off Wendy House and all it has to offer. After free play we had a fun, if slightly crowded, circle time. The children got to see how good the adults were doing the calendar rhyme. Then off to group time to experience a time of study. It was a fun and enjoyable day and we did get quite a few requests to do it again, so keep an eye out on future emails. 

Friday was our harvest festival. The children had a number of activities to partake in. Memory games, a discussion on where does the food come from and who might eat it other than us.
Then there was the tasting where they had do describe how the foods tasted. Nice, bad, sour, sweet, crunchy or soft. An educating and belly filling morning for all the children of Wendy House.


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