Week 40 - Theme: The Sea and Water

Week 40, The Sea and Water is our theme for October and we started by incorporating last months theme and creating and decorating these wonderful rainbow fish which will be on display in the hallway for the current month.

Over the next couple of weeks all the Wendy House children will get to visit and explore Forum Marinum. There they will find a wide range of Finnish nautical history. Covering areas from the history of shipbuilding in Finland to the Finnish Navy.

They will also have the opportunity to have hands on fun will the many exhibitions designed with children in mind. THere are computer simulations of how ships effect the water they are in to the fantastic new playroom where they can run around and have lots of fun.

Laura, Susanne and Sari have been teaching the children about how water circulates in the natural world. This is an difficult, but important, theory for the children to learn as without water circulating around the world life couldn't flourish as it does.

The Green and Orange group created their own art to explain what they were taught. Some drew, others used card and glue to make this subject come to life for them.

The preschoolers took their art to a larger level and created the whole circulation system on the display board in the hallway. Everyone played their part in making this informative and fantastic looking piece of art.

Friday was sailor day where the children could learn what it takes to be a sailor, fisherman or, if they wanted, a pirate. 

They had the opportunity to make hats, make their own fish, learn about the different types of knots sailors use.

Also we included games including island,sea or ship. Now they are ready to tackle the seven seas. 


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