Week 43: Theme - The Sea & Water

The green and orange groups have created their own learning tree. This is an area where they can put reminders a of what they have learnt throughout this school year. They have taken inspiration from the preschoolers own learning tree which is getting steadily filled already.

A little preview of one of the Fathers days projects we have going on. Soon you'll get to find out words your children think describe you best.    

This will be incorporated with a picture of you as well. One part of the many things we have been working on for you dads this year.
Piia Riikka set the pink group a scissor cutting exercise. They had a number of magazines to look through and find what interested them. Then they could cut those pictures out as carefully as they could.

With the pictures they then had to create a display of the things that liked. What should go with what and why. These guys then became designers as they finished the layout of their boards.

The preschool sleepover is one of the highlights at the beginning of the year for our soon to be schoolchildren. A night away from mum and dad for some is an excited adventure, for others a big challenge to overcome.

A wonderful night was planned by Susanne and Laura including a treasure hunt outside, where their torches came in handy. Looks like Paddington spent the night as a pirate holding on to the treasure.

A movie is always fun when surrounded by your friends and munching on delicious sweets and crisps. Paddington ws this years choice of film inspired by our recent trip to London.

Finally it was time to curl up in their sleeping bags for a night chatting away until they could no longer keep their tired little eyes open. Then in the morning they wake up with together and start all over again. Even if the teachers needed matchsticks to keep their eyes open.


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